Chris Haugen is a nationally recognized guitarist, and producer based on the West Coast. With years of experience touring and recording in popular genres, Chris is known for his fluid, innovative style, musical intuition,  and warm soulful tone. He is equally at home on electric and acoustic instruments. 

A recording artist on the myndstream label (music for modern wellness),  Chris  is developing an ambient style he describes as "CalmCore™".  A personal highlight is having accompanied surf legend and yogi Gerry Lopez at his yin yoga class at Wanderlust. Chris plays several stringed instruments, and is known widely for slide guitar and Weissenborn (lapsteel). Chris' music expresses his heart-felt curiosity, and draws deeply on his 30 year yoga practice, and surfing in Northern California. His recent album "First Light" is a deep meditation steeped in hope and vision, with the intent of bringing a sense of calm and connection to listeners.


"Haunting and other worldly, like a time capsule from a lost kingdom. Perhaps Atlantis." — SF Chronicle 

"Chris Haugen is in total harmony with his musical soul, in his ability to create such a marvelous work of timeless musical ecstasy. Falling Water, Shimmering Strings emphasizes the sheer quality of artists and music upon the Real Music record label, absolutely recommended."  — Steve Sheppard, One World Music 

"Haugen's creativity abounds through a variety of guitars, Weissenborn, lap steel, and banjo combining to conjure flavors of India while Haugen’s countless hours with the ocean gently reveal some of surfing's allure" — Real Music 

"...sounds like waves breaking in Malibu or Marin County.”  — Midwest Records 

Highlights by Year 


  • First Light (album: myndstream/CEG)
  • Falling Water Shimmering Strings (album: Real Music/CEG)
  • YouTube Audio Library (4.2M streams, 50 songs published)
  • Grace Cathedral San Francisco (performances Mirabai Warkulwiz/Labyrinth Yoga)
  • Terrapin Crossroads (Phil Lesh venue - performances)
  • Fillmore (performances) 
  • San Francisco Music Scene (ongoing sessions/performances)
  • Lucia Lillikoi (sessions/performances)
  • Go By Ocean (regional touring)
  • Chris Haugen Band (performances) 
  • Trevor Garrod (sessions/performances)  


  • Ted Templeman (sessions)
  • Wanderlust (performances, accompaniment Gerry Lopez)  
  • High Sierra Music Festival (performances)
  • Newfangled Wasteland (Beck cover band with Trevor Garrod, Steve Adams, Dave Brogan)
  • Michael Kang (performances)
  • Great American Music Hall (performances)
  • Sundance Film Festival (performances w/John Popper, Wally Ingram, Matt Moon, Tom Freund)
  • Phil Lesh and Anders Osborne (performances)
  • Chris Haugen (album, Michael Wilson engineer and mixing)
  • Poor Man’s Whiskey (national touring)
  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (performances)
  • Tom Freund (regional touring, Adam Topol drums) 
  • Asher Fulero (sessions/performances)
  • Sleeping Giants (regional touring) 
  • Matthew Moon (national touring)
  • Jim Dunlop (artist feature) 


  • Into the Wild (score sessions, Sean Penn director)  
  • Jerry Hannan (national touring) 
  • Bonnaroo (performances)  
  • Larkin Gayle (regional touring)  
  • Seahorse Rodeo (album release, Mark Degli Antoni keys, Mike Sugar bass/mixing/engineer, Matt Butler percussion)  
  • San Francisco Chronicle Datebook Cover (publicity)  
  • Capitol Records (sessions, Chris Goldsmith producer. Matt Moon, Jason Yates, Wally Ingram)  
  • Theresa Andersson (national touring)  
  • Axis Brothers (Journey of the Spirit/Joshua Tree Music Festival - Cass Faulconer, Wally Ingram, Dale Fanning, Dave Pellicciaro, Joby Pritzker)
  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (main stage and multiple performances)  
  • New Orleans French Quarter Festival (performances) 


  • Melvin Seals (national touring)
  • Everyone Orchestra (performances) 
  • Scott Law Band (regional touring)
  • Ken Kesey (Furthur Bus UK Tour, BBC feature)


  • Jambay (Mike Sugar, Matt Butler, Shelley Doty - original band , national touring 150+ shows/year)
  • Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (performance)
  • Oregon Country Fair (performances)
  • Steve Kimock (performances, sit ins)
  • Horde Tour (performances)  
  • Laguna Seca (performance)
  • JJ Cale (performance)


  • Shakedown (high school band: Matt Butler, Doug Stringer, Darren Stringer, Kevin Murphy, Lionel Clemons)
  • Moonshine (first band with Ted Empy. Age 10, Las Vegas.  Song: "Burning up with Fever")

Primary Instruments: Fender Stratocaster, Gibson 336, Asher lapsteel, Taylor acoustic, 1966 Fender Tremolux, Mesa Boogie Mark 1. Chris uses D'Addario strings.